How to become successful.


Success is an exact science. As a doctor may operate on a patient with surgical precision by making use of modern science, so you can also achieve your goals with the same precision by making use of  the “Science of Success”. The first principle in the science of success is simple, but powerful. It boils down to the following phrase:

What an individual can do, another can also.

This principle is explained by itself. The question we ask ourselves to learn this principle is: How can I become the person I would like to be and how can I get the things I want? The answer is simple:


According to Albert Einstein, it is impossible to obtain different results when applying the same methods. Therefore, to achieve goals we need the individual change of our whole mental structure. And the question is: how is it possible to modify the structure?

Before answering the previous question, let’s take a look at the following situation. When we are kids, we accept a wide range of ideas that people convey and we create “truths” about things. These truths become our mental structure and govern our life, which is based on those beliefs. Therefore, if we don’t be aware of it, we can spend the whole life governed by beliefs and values obtained in childhood.

Some people tend to think and act positively, while others do so negatively. If, as children or young people, we see the reality under a negative and limited perspective, so might be our life. However, this process can be modified by means of the insertion of new habits.

At the beginning of the transformation process, when we propose to be the person who actually we want and get what we want, our dreams seem to be impossible, but this false illusion is caused because we live under the perspective of a paradigm driven by daily habits that we accept at an early age.

That’s why we need to change the paradigms governing our lifeand to do that, I repeat, it is necessary to change our habits.

Marques, Luciano Aparecido, 1981-

Concrete Success/ Luciano Marques

Amazon, 2017

ISBN: 9781521948514

Selo Editorial: Independently Published

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