It is absolutely nonsense eliminate those who are not part of the same group. Ideologically, most people who agree with the same ideas are not exactly accurate in their actions, I mean, they are hypocrite.

When it comes to genre, the attackers forget they may have someone in the family or even themselves who are homosexual.

The point is that anger is not the best way to deal with the different. By the way, anger is not a parameter to anything. In a Christian Society, we must remember that Jesus teaches us to love our brothers and respects each other.

We wish we could have more peace in the world, but are we promoting that? When we see news as the attack on Club B in Colorado, it is impossible not to get disappointed with a group of radicals who believe they are the owners of the truth. There must be laws which garantee the right of the citizens concerning their sexual choices and these laws must be respected.

To make a long story short, as a Christian and hetero I do not accept those attacks against my brothers in Colorado. I will pray a Rosary for them and their families.

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