Day by day!

When Death definitely comes, I will not be nervous

‘Cause it actually comes a little bit day after day.

What I should do is respectfully accept it, by the way

It is not the end, since such term is totally ambiguous.


When the Knight of Lord comes to gather my soul

My life will have been entirely lived

And at the same way I have accepted to exist

I should happily receive the fate to come and go.


A last piece of advice

For those who want to stay

And ignorantly do not see a way:


Live your life intensely

And gather the fruits of your harvest.

Do not turn your existence to the hardest.


Forget the fear and move!

Be happy, ‘cause, out of the blue

The Almighty will know what to do!

Luciano Aparecido Marques.

The best gift

Spinning and spinning around

An Angel fell on the ground

From a cloud of cotton candy

Well known as the never world landing


His eyes lightening brightly,

Looking for a special lucky child

Whom he desired to present with

A long life from the hands of the Almighty


Who is that kid?

Who deserves such grace?

Gifted straight from the Lord’s mind!


You, my dear

To whom it was given

The most precious gift: your own life.


Luciano Aparecido Marques